Contact:  brojugblues@gmail.com

Brothers from Other Mothers:

Ernesto “Lovercat” Gomez – Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar, Banjo & Cajon

Arturo “Jugman” Stiles – Jug, Kazoo & Vocals

Eli “Sweet Son” Smith – Washboard, Banjo, Gutiar & Vocals

Stephen “Stoned Wheat Thin” Strohmeier – Guitar, Harmonica & Vocals

Pat Conte aka Amos Otis – Godfather

Bob Guida aka Raoul Otis – Godfather

Alex “The Brother” Battles – Banjo-Uke, Tenor Banjo & Vocals

Mike “Bigfoot” Hickerson – Banjo & Vocals

Dan “The Man from Japan” Habu – Percussion

Ernie “El Diablo/El Santo” Vega – Vocals, Mandolin, Harmonica & Guitar

Jackson “Money” Lynch – Guitar, Mandolin, Fiddle & Vocals

Rashad “Downtown” Brown – Piano, Gutiar & Vocals

Geoff “Mon Capitan” Wiley – Bass & Vocals

Eben Pariser – Washtub & Vocals

Tony “Longtones” Montalbano – Percussion

Andrew Green – Banjo & Vocals

Walker Shepard – Gutiar, Fiddle & Vocals

Craig Judelman – Fiddle & Vocals

Brian “The Beat” Geltner – Percussion

Sisters from other Misters:

Maria del las Flores – Percussion

Mamie Minch – Guitar &  Vocals

Hilary Hawke – Upright Bass & Vocals

Chloe “The Drifter” Swantner – Fiddle & Vocals

Samoa “The Siren” Wilson – Vocals

Jerie “La China” Choi – Fiddle



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  1. Hey are the times that you perform in the subways posted somewhere?

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